Your seat is guaranteed

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Your seat is guaranteed

and purchasing tickets is easy!

Travel Terms and Conditions

The local public transport services, also known by the acronym 'TPL', are provided by the company "Ravello Turismo" S.r.l.

The latter has its registered office in Ravello (SA), at Via Scala, 14, and is registered with VAT number 05019700656. Its operation as a TPL service provider is confirmed as it is authorized by the Provincia di Salerno, as of 04.04.2024 protocol PSA no. 202400019626, pursuant to L.R. 3/2002.


“Amico Shuttle”, means it is a service operated by “Ravello Turismo” Ltd.

“Passenger”, means whoever is driven to/or in the process of, by the vehicles of “Amico Shuttle”

“Amico Shuttle”, means intending to use vehicles by “Ravello Turismo” Ltd., to cover the route Ravello-Amalfi and viceversa.


The boarding and descent from the “shuttle” must be exclusively in correspondence to the Authorised Stops along the route, and only when the vehicle has come to a stop.

It is not permitted to board the Minibus if the maximum number of passengers, dictated by the Vehicle Registration Certificate, has been reached.

The destination of boarding and descent for the option ‘Shuttle’, must be inserted on the internet site when booking.


To board the shuttle, the passenger must have a regular travel document issued by the Company, purchased through the on-line procedure of the internet site, or directly from the staff on board.

The ticket, must be kept intact and recognisable throughout the journey, as it is considered a Legal Receipt. It is necessary that the passenger is at the chosen stop, and at the time expected for the departure. In case this is not so, the passenger will be considered absent, and the seat allocated to another passenger.

Tickets bought, even if not endorsed, WILL NOT be reimbursed. The tickets purchased, CANNOT be changed to another time or day. The passengers are required to show their tickets on request by the inspector/staff on board.


Published journey times can be subject to alterations even during the period of validity. Any eventual variations will be communicated, with notices published on the internet site, and posted up at the designated Stops. Travel time for each journey, needs to be considered subject to conditions such as adverse weather conditions, and environmental (unforeseen traffic delays, congestion, road works, breakdowns or technical problems). Any other circumstances that have an impact on the ability to provide the service and beyond our reasonable control, which can influence the duration of the journey.

In case of delay in a journey, for any of the above mentioned reasons, the company is not liable, therefore NO refund will be made for the ticket.

Request for Refund of tickets will be granted when:

  • Cancellation or alteration of a service without prior and immediate information given to the passenger.


Children from 0 to 3 years old (completed) accompanied by an adult, can travel Free, unless they occupy a seat. Otherwise they must be held on the lap of the adult who accompanies them. Over 4 years old a minor pays the full fare. Minors under 14 years of age are allowed to travel, only if accompanied by an adult for the length of the journey. The adult is required to guarantee, and be responsible for, the behaviour of the minor.


One small piece of hand luggage per person is accepted, and included, in the price of the ticket. This must be placed on the overhead rack, above one’s seat. Any object which cannot be placed on the overhead rack, inside the shuttle, is compulsory to be placed under one’s seat.


It is allowed to travel with small domestic animals, to whom has been fitted a device for the safety of other passengers (eg. muzzle, lead, small cage, boxes).


The passenger is required to respect regulations stated in Art. 172, C,d,S (modified from D.Lgs. Nos. 150 of 13/03/06 implemented by the European Community Guideline 2003/20/CE.) concerning the compulsory use of safety belts. In case of breach, the transgressor and/or the accompanying passenger for minors, will be personally liable.


It is prohibited for the passenger to:

  • to smoke (Law no. 584/75) and behave in an evidently annoying manner on board

  • to occupy more than one seat, stand in the corridor or in the vicinity of the door during the journey;

  • to carry out any activity, without the Company’s approval, for publicity or commercial use;

  • to soil, damage, or tamper with parts or equipment of the bus;

  • to board the bus while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

  • to unnecessarily use the emergency lever to open the door;

  • to not eat or drink on board, and take their rubbish with them.

The passengers must adhere to the instructions, orders, directions given by the Company staff, for their safety and smooth running of the service. Passengers must take up all available seats and remain seated for the length of the journey, until the shuttle comes to a halt. The company is not responsible/liable in case of accidents to the passenger who has not adhered to the above guidelines. We reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone who fails to comply.


All items found on board the bus, will be in kept in storage, in the company offices. All objects will be kept for a maximum of 2 weeks from the time they were found.


For any complaint in case of contention, the passenger can send an email to the following email add, within 7 working days:


For future controversies concerning the running of the above travel conditions, will be addressed exclusively by the Court of Jurisdiction of Salerno.

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