Your seat is guaranteed

and purchasing tickets is easy!

Your seat is guaranteed

and purchasing tickets is easy!


Amico Shuttle is an initiative of “Ravello Turismo” Ltd., already active in the field of mobility, experienced in the private and public (not scheduled means of transport) sector of travel. With the unique combination of a technological start-up, an e-commerce platform, and the experience of a travel company, Amico Shuttle proposes to offer sufficient guarantees of professionalism, but above all, elasticity of the service.

Why the idea

The Idea began with the critical issues found in the present transport service by the public company, on the route Ravello-Amalfi-Ravello, at present run by the only company using large buses, and set times for standard prefixed period. This service allows for many difficulties and dysfunctions, which in the past years have considerably increased, in brief and details, these issues can be summed up as follows:

  1. demand is extremely variable in the course of the day, of the week and the month, and it never coincides with the rigidity of the offer which is very standardised;

  2. the uniqueness of the qualitative/quantitative methods of the offer, fits badly with the demand for characteristics such as economical,cultural, linguistic, timing and personal data etc. (Italian and foreign tourists, students, workers, elderly, commuters);

  3. ticket sales points are wanting, if not absent;

  4. communication for the passenger is nonexistent at the departure and arrival points, regarding waiting time, with great inconveniences to the passengers in case of breakdowns, accidents or traffic holdups

  5. no certainties are given to the passengers, who often have to deal with various emergencies, like cancelling the journey itself, or resorting to alternative means of transport, the latter often very expensive and rare.

All the above, results in a financial damage and loss to the inhabitants and the local economy, a detriment to the image of the Amalfi Coast and the Campania Region, a loss for the Tourist industry and its services.

The Project

The project drawn up, in which technical and economic specifications are summarised in the footnote, intends to fill, in most part, the gap of those issues mentioned above, by providing the route Ravello – Amalfi - Ravello with a highly innovative, local public transport service of high quality, while maintaining a moderate cost for passengers. New technology allows us to offer passengers:

  • transport with vehicle of max 22 seats, latest generation, non polluting, and technically advanced;

  • thanks to an easy booking system, one can book on-line, with a service of welcome, live information, both on board or in remote;

  • a series of added or connected services, “on Demand”, such as tourist and logistic information, a booking service, and a survey of ‘customer satisfaction’ and flow of passengers, which will result in improving, and updating, our services.

The idea is based on digitalising the traditional way of travel. With an advanced booking system, free Wi-Fi and GPS traceability, we have tried to create a new means of transport. The intelligence of the system and a dynamic management of costs, will always guarantee the best offer for our clients. It is here, that innovation, a start-up spirit and a ‘qualified’ brand, meet the experience and quality of a traditional sector.

Our last target is to help contain the vast number of vehicles running along this route, which increase annually, with the inevitable consequences.

Finally, underlining the Experimental characteristic of the project, which in case of success, could be increased on request, both on the Ravello-Amalfi route, as on other public transport routes.

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